Life Of LED Packaging March.


Life Of LED Packaging

The thermal resistance of LED packaging has a decisive impact on the life of LED chips, especially for high-current driven LED chips, LED packaging products cost and heat dissipation performance depends on the structure of the package bracket, and the package bracket is moving in a small size, thin thickness, good heat dissipation in the direction of development.

In a single patch LED to encapsulate more LED chips must consider the heat dissipation problem, and the use of high-thermal conductive metal ceramic composite substrate of the most important advantage is ultra-low thermal resistance, Viahay Company in January 2010 launched a new surface Mount White LED.

Using the PLCC-4 package, the optimized lead frame enables thermal resistance as low as 300K/W and power dissipation up to 200mW, allowing the device to use a drive current of up to 50mA, making the brightness Up to Vishay uses PLCC-2 package of high-brightness sMD LEDS twice times"'. Ultra-low thermal resistance high-power LED SMD package due to its small and thin.

More suitable for small space applications, this feature for many applications to bring great convenience. Compared to other LED SMD packages, when it maintains the same junction temperature, it reduces the requirement for heat dissipation components, reducing the closing temperature and extending the life of the LED package when the same heat dissipation parts are used.