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UV LED Application:

Ultraviolet LED (UV LED) is mainly used in biomedical, anti-counterfeiting identification, purification (water, air, etc.) fields, computer data storage and military. Moreover, with the development of technology, new applications will continue to appear to replace the original technology and products. Ultraviolet LED has broad market application prospects. For example, ultraviolet LED phototherapy instrument is a very popular medical device in the future, but the technology is still in its infancy. long.

UV light-emitting diodes are widely used in: metal cracks, crack detection, photocatalyst light source, currency detection and counting equipment, anti-counterfeiting industry, and medical measurement and biometric security detection, hydraulic leak detection and other fields.

Purple: 405nm - pure purple 400nm - deep purple 2. Near-ultraviolet light 395nm - reddish deep purple uv-a type ultraviolet light 3 . 370nm - almost invisible light, showing a dark color when filtered by wooden glass Deep purple. 4. Ultraviolet light (uv) sterilization lamp λρ=254nm or 253.7nm Point light source λρ=365nm Ozone formation λρ=185nm or less -- vacuum ultraviolet (uv-v), the wavelength is 100-200nm -- short-wave ultraviolet (uv-c) ), with a wavelength of 200-280nm -- medium-wave ultraviolet (uv-b) with a wavelength of 280-315nm -- long-wave ultraviolet (uv-a) with a wavelength of 315-380nm -- visible light (visible light) with a wavelength of 400— 760nm



            1-3W 365nm uv led                                                                LED COB UV 1W 395-400nm                                                       3w uv led 400nm 3535 SMD LED

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