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Automotive Led Application

Automotive Led Application:

Used for automotive cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, vans the stock incandescent dim rear turn signal blinker light, brake stop lights, tail lights, side marker light amp for much safer driving and luxury looking, load resistor maybe required to avoid the fast blinking issues.


List Product:

3528 patch lamp bead, power 0.06W, lumen value 6-7lm,7-8LM, 8-9lm, light efficiency up to 150LM/ W.
2835 patch lamp bead, power 0.2W, lumen value 20-22lm,22-24LM,24-26LM, light efficiency up to 130LM/ W
       6000-6500K 33-36LM 0.3W SMD 2835 LED                                         3528 RED SMD LED for Automotive Brake Light                                   140-150LM cool white 1w high power 3030 smd led

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