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LED Grow Light Application

LED Grow Light Application:

LED grow lights vary according to the purpose. Green, red, far-red, and blue light spectra are known from studies of photomorphogenesis to have effects on root formation, plant growth, and flowering, but there is not enough scientific research or field testing to recommend specific color ratios from trials using LED grow lights. It has been shown that many plants will grow normally if given red and blue light. However, many studies have shown that red and blue light only provide the most cost-effective growth method, and plants still grow better with light supplementing green.
White LED grow lights offer a full spectrum and are designed to mimic natural light, giving plants a balanced spectrum of red, blue and green. The spectrum used varies, but white LED grow lights are designed to emit a similar amount of red and blue light, with the added green light appearing as white. White LED lights are often used for supplemental lighting in home and office spaces.
A large number of plant species have been evaluated in greenhouse trials to ensure that plants are of higher quality in biomass and biochemical composition and are even comparable to field conditions. Plant performance was measured for mint, basil, lentils, lettuce, cabbage, parsley, carrots by assessing plant health and vigor and success in promoting growth. Promotes profuse blooming in select ornamental plants.



               High Lumen Per Watt White 1W/3W                                                            4 Chips High Power Led 5W IR 940nm                                                  10w 450nm blue high power led


                        High power led chip                                                                      1W 3W high power 850nm led                                                              High Power SMD 3535 LED chip 430nm

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