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Outdoor Display And Lighting Application

Outdoor Display and Lighting Application:

Be used easily and safely not only outside the doorbut also under severe environment.
High quality goods choose the high quality material like asEpistar chip, Copper Stent, Gold wire. The best feature:PINfeet with a full range of protection, and no deformation, nodie lamp anymore. Our LEDs stable and safe,with the bestdisplay effect, with the above 90% order reture rate.Only you use it you will fall in love with it.
Wide application of RGB LED: It should be used in stage lighting, flashlights, lighting, spotlights and other lighting fixtures, as well as outdoor billboards, electronic displays, traffic lights, car tail lights, LED light-emitting modules, LCD backlights, LED lighting lighting , LED soft/hard light bar, etc., is the best choice to replace the traditional lighting source.



List Product:
    5mm 546 oval led diode in Yellow use for led display screen                         ultra bright 3mm red 346 546 oval led for led display                                Wholesale 0.06w oval 346 3mm blue diffused led diode

     IP68 2.8-3.4V Cool White SMD 3535 LED Diode                                             2727 RGB SMD LED for outdoor waterproof                                               IP68 6pins 2.8mm SMD 3535 RGB LED

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