Cob LED Chip SMD 2835

Product Model    Cob LED Chip 2835WH
Specific Specifications    2835 Positive lighting warm white
Product Size    2.8×3.5×0.8mm 
Specifications    2835WW LED lamp light source
Working Voltage    DC2.8-3.6v
Working temperature    - 30°C ~ + 80°C
Color rendering index    80
Product Power    0.5w

Product:Cob LED Chip smd 2835
The 2835 lamp bead is an ultra thin series LED lamp bead with heat sink.and It's a medium power patch ultra bright light emitting diode.2835 cob led chip basically is to apply to go up in all sorts of illume lamps and lanterns, if fluorescent lamp, ball bubble lamp, face plate lamp, desk lamp all but can use.Through expert verification 2835 lamp bead is at present the best project of indoor lighting product such as fluorescent lamp.Bright color, anti - vibration, cold light source and other advantages.It's really "green lighting"

1.Small volume, Angle is big
2.high brightness, low voltage driver
3.Good raw materials used
4.Super luminous efficiency
5.long lifespan,High stability
6.Environmental protection: no toxic metal mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation

Product Model    Cob LED Chip 2835WH
Specific Specifications    2835 Positive lighting warm white
Product Size    2.8×3.5×0.8mm 
Specifications    2835WW LED lamp light source
Working Voltage    DC2.8-3.6v
Working temperature    - 30°C ~ + 80°C
Color rendering index    80
Product Power    0.5w
Color temperature    6000-6500k
lumen    50-60lm
Waterproof Grade    IP20
Packaging Standards    Every 5 meters for a volume, the standard length of each roll: 5m, also can be customized according to the requirements of different sizes
Product Installation    Every three LED a set of arbitrary shear, can be arbitrarily bent, arbitrary fixed in the concave and convex surface; installation is flexible, can adapt to different occasions, maintenance free, back with 3M glue, easy to glue

Indoor lighting: daylight lamp tube, lamp bar, downlight, etc.
Commercial lighting display: advertising words, advertising light box
LCD back light
Decorative lighting: flexible strip
Other lighting and display classes
This2835 lamp bead is also a great item for home lighting,outdoor lighting ,monitoring, high-tech electronic products and other places

Precautions for use
(1) before opening the package
The temperature does not exceed 40 ℃ and humidity no more than 90% under the condition of RH, LED can be saved for a year, at the time of storage, recommended the moisture bag with desiccant packaging.
(2) after opening the package
LED to stored in 40 ℃ & < < = = 60% RH relative humidity conditions, we strongly recommend that you open the packaging to finish SMT within a week to finish the whole process.
If there is any left LED which is not used up, we suggest to use the factory moisture-proof agent again and re-seal it.
If desiccant has expired, please put the LED in the 70 ℃ oven for 12 hours.
The LED electrode and lead frame are made of copper alloy coated with silver. The silvered layer will be damaged by the surrounding environment. Please keep the LED away from the environment that will corrode the silvered layer of the LED electrode.
Please avoid LED in the environment of rapid temperature change, especially in the high humidity environment where condensation will occur.
Static electricity and surge voltage will damage the LED, it is recommended to wear anti-static ring and anti-static gloves when touching the LED.
All equipment, devices and machines must be grounded. It is recommended that appropriate measures be taken to prevent the surge voltage breakdown of LED.

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