Zhongshan led 3 watt ir led 1050nm 1080nm high power ir led light 700mA
1 piece
  • Color Temperature(CCT):1050-1080NM
  • Input Voltage(V):1.3-1.6v
  • Warranty(Year):2-Year
  • Type:High Power LED
  • Support Dimmer:No
  • Lighting solutions service:High power led
  • Luminous Efficacy(lm/w):40
  • Lifespan (hours):50000
  • Working Time (hours):50000
  • Chip Material:AlGaInP
  • Emitting Color:Orange
  • Luminous Intensity:40, 50-100mW
  • Luminous Flux(lm):40
  • Optical Attenuation(%):3
  • Power:1-3W
  • Power Dissipation:1
  • Viewing Angle(°):140 Degree
  • Color Rendering Index(Ra):70
  • Color Temperature:1050-1080nm
  • Operating Temperature(℃):-20 - 60
  • Storage Temperature(℃):-20 - 60
  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name:Cspring
  • Product name:led 3 watt ir led 1050nm 1080nm high power ir led light 700mA
  • Chip brand:Taiwan Epileds
  • Warranty:2 Years
  • Voltage:1.3-1.5V
  • Current:350mA 700mA
  • MOQ:50PCS
  • Lifespan:50000hours
  • Certification:RoHS

Zhongshan led 3 watt ir led 1050nm 1080nm high power ir led light 700mA

Product Description


  • All 3W R/G/B/Y/W Led is with the Epileds Chip From Taiwan. This is the Good Chip for Single Color series. (RED / GREEN / BLUE / YELLOW / AMBER / ORANGE / PINK / PURPLE / UV)
  • Remarks: All Led is fit for 185 degree Reflow Soldering. If you need the led for 260 degree reflow soldering ,pls point out to us. We will select the silicon lens for your LED.
  • Warranty: All Led with 2 years warranty. If any led is out of work in 2 years, we will replace them by new led through our International DHL Account


Model No.PowerColorAngle(°)Wave Length
high power led 1-3w1-3WGreen120490500
high power led 5w5W120490500
high power led 1-3w1-3W120500505
high power led 5w5W120500505
high power led 1-3w1-3W120520525
high power led 5w5W120520525
high power led 1-3w1-3WYellow120560565
high power led 5w5W120560565
high power led 1-3w1-3W120585590
high power led 5w5W120585590
high power led 1-3w1-3W120590595
high power led 5w5W120590595
high power led 1-3w1-3WRed120600605
high power led 5w5W120600605
high power led 1-3w1-3W120620625
high power led 5w5W120620625



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