Factory Supplying Power Blue Led Chip 10W
1 piece

Taiwan chip 10W Red Green Blue high power led 460nm

Power series is desingned for high current operation and high flux output applications.

Power LED its thermal management perform exceeds then other power LED solutions.

It integrate of the art SMD design and thermal emission material.

Power LED is ideal light sources for general applications,custom designed solutions,and automotive large LCD backlights


1.Using standard CRI index to design color points of light.

2.Using thermoelectric separation of substrate,the heat dissipating performance is good.Thermal resistance<2.5

3.Small size to achieve high power efficiency.Easy to use for customers.

4.Super high Flux output and high

5.Adapt to large current circuit

6.Low thermal resistance:12/W

7.Wide viewing angle , Integrated package


Power: 10W

Luminous flux: 100-200lm

Wavelength: 460-470nm

Current: 350mA

Voltage: 30-36V

Vi ew Angle: 120 degree

Chip: Epistar / Epileds / Sanan / Bridgelux chip