Blue 3mm DC12v round led diode
3mm round led diode
1 piece

Blue 3mm DC12v round led diode

Product Description

1.Model Number:3mm round led diode

3.Power Dissipation:100mW

5. wavelength 365/375/385/395/400nm
6. Various Emission angles:±10/20/30/60 deg.
7. Size: F3 F5

8.Max. Forward Voltage:3.6V
9.Max. Reverse Voltage:5v
10.Max. Forward Current:20mA
11.Max. Reverse Current:10mA

(1) The LEDs emit very strong UV radiation. Do not look directly at the LEDs. UV radiation can harm your eyes. To prevent inadequate exposure of UV radiation, wear UV protective glasses.
(2) The LEDs are very sensitive to static and surge. Take a full protection against static and surge.
(3) The powered LEDs generate heat. Heat dissipation should be considered in the application design to avoid the environmental conditions for operation in excess of the absolute maximum ratings.
(4) The leads should be bent at minimum 1.5mm away from the base of header. The LEDs should be soldered at minimum 1.5mm away from the base of header.
(5) The LEDs are intended to be used for ordinary electronics equipment. Do not use the LEDs for the applications that may require a higher reliability and security and that the failure or malfunction of the LEDs may threat to life.