21 Nov 2019

How to Choose the Right LED Strip for Your Project?

Applications of LED strip lights is becoming wider around the world. From under-cabinet lighting to creating powerful ceiling light fixtures, they are available in a variety options of brightness, lengths, intensities, colors, and voltages.     1. Lumen (Brightness) Lumen is the measurement of brightness as perceived t

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25 Oct 2019

Differrent Types LEDs and Application

Light Emitting Diodes or simply LEDs, are among the most widely used of all the different types of semiconductor diodes available today. LEDs are made from a very thin layer of fairly heavily doped semiconductor material, when forward biased an LED will emit a colored light at a particular spectral wavelength. Types of LEDs Two types of LEDs ar

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26 Sep 2019

Eyelove Healthy Lighting LED Principle

1. Lamp structure The most important light-emitting structure of an Eyelove Healthy Lighting LED is a lamp-like lamp in the lamp. Although it is small in size, it has its own strengths. After the Eyelove Healthy Lighting LED bead structure is enlarged, a wafer having a shape like a sesame is found. This wafer structure is extremely complicated a

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07 Sep 2019

How to choose LED chip?

1. Brightness leds vary in brightness and price. Used for LED lamps and lanterns, the LED should comply with the laser level Ⅰ class standard.2. Anti-static ability of the LED with strong anti-static ability, long life, so the price is high. Leds that are usually more anti-static than 700V can be used for LED lighting.3. LED with uniform wavelength

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10 Jul 2019

Market Analysis of Medium Power and High Power Rgb Smd Led

With the launch of the smartphone, everything has changed. Suddenly, the camera became a carry-on item, not only has a good imaging effect, but also is easy to operate. Just aim and click on the screen to focus on a perfect photo. It is estimated that the number of photos taken with smartphones this year will exceed 1 trillion. Obviously, the autof

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