27 May 2020

What is a Surface Light Emitting Diode?

When you buy LED bulbs, you will encounter two types of light emitting diodes. One is a conventional LED, and the other is a more advanced LED, called SMD or "surface mount diode".  "Diode" is a semiconductor device with two terminals, and usually only allows current to flow in one direction. A surface-mounted diode is a

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06 May 2020

How to install PCB for RGB SMD LED

Each electronic device consists of one or more printed circuit boards or PCBs. As technology advances and component sizes decrease, the complexity of these PCBs also increases. To make these boards smaller, surface mount devices or RGB SMD LEDs are now often used instead of larger parts. SMD LEDs are very small light emitting diodes, and assembling

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23 Apr 2020

What is SMD RGB LED lighting?

RGB stands for the primary colors of red, green and blue. When applied to lighting, it produces a vibrant color system that can be mixed in different proportions to achieve almost any color in the spectrum. RGB LED products mix these three colors together to create more than 16 million shades. Light is composed of energy waves, and combining the

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15 Apr 2020

How does RGB LED 5MM work?

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are everywhere. In our daily lives, cars and even phones are used in them. LEDs come in many shapes and sizes, which allows designers to tailor LEDs to their products. Their low power consumption and small size make them ideal for many different products and can be seamlessly applied to the design, making it a better de

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01 Apr 2020

Differences between 3528s, 5050s, and other smd led chips

Which is the top LED chip? LEDs like to 2835s, 3528s, 5050s, and 5630s are not at all actually different types of chip– the chips are just various sizes. Each has its own specification, for example, different output brightness and power requirements. This depends on the customer’s choice of what's right for his project. The follow

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