What is the best Rgb Smd Led chip for tape lights?

30 Jun 2020

When you are ready to backlight the TV or emphasize those natural wood ceiling beams, you can use LED tape lights to complete the work. In choices such as length and color, you may stumble upon phrases similar to the following: SMD5050.

What do 2835, 3528 and 5050 mean?
The letter "SMD" means "Surface Mounted Diode", which is a peculiar saying that the LED does not have any leads, but is a flat chip soldered to a thin circuit board, thereby forming a light-emitting strip. The 4-digit number tells you the width and length of each LED chip in the strip.

Why is the LED chip type important?
The type of Rgb Smd Led chip will also provide you with a frame of reference for optimal application of lumen output and LED light bars. It should be noted that although the LED chips feel cool, they will still emit some heat, which will affect performance. The 3528 chip is the most primitive and most commonly used LED chip. Each chip is composed of a diode and sometimes includes a round lens cover.

The larger 5050 LED chip contains only 3 diodes per chip. Three diodes are sometimes referred to as "three chips", which can achieve millions of color changes and more light output. However, this chip emits more heat than the 3528 chip, and with the larger size, it may be more difficult to place more chips on the spool to increase the light.

The most advanced type at present is the 2835 LED chip, which is a redesigned 3528 chip with increased light-emitting surface area and better heat sink, and its light output is 2 to 3 times more than the 3528 chip. The easier heat dissipation makes the chip work more efficiently, the service life is longer, and the production cost is lower, which makes the 2835 chip excellent from the perspective of cost and performance. The 2835 chip is very bright and has sufficient potential lumen output, comparable to traditional lighting equipment such as linear fluorescent tubes.

All our monochrome LED tape lights have 2835 LED chips, which can achieve the brightest light output. This includes our black light blue LED tape lights and our waterproof strip lights. Our color-changing RGB LED tape lights use 5050 LED chips to ensure that you can choose any color you want.

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