What is SMD RGB LED lighting?

23 Apr 2020

RGB stands for the primary colors of red, green and blue. When applied to lighting, it produces a vibrant color system that can be mixed in different proportions to achieve almost any color in the spectrum. RGB LED products mix these three colors together to create more than 16 million shades.

Light is composed of energy waves, and combining them is called a spectrum. The different lights we see consist of multiple colors. At the end of each spectrum, there is a short wavelength, blue. At the other end of the spectrum is a wavelength, red. The other light we see in the spectrum is between red and blue.

What is the purpose of SMD RGB LED lighting system?
RGB lighting systems enable LED lights to produce many different colors, but this depends on the angle of the spectral wavelength. This is the main reason why LED lamps are very useful in the production of multicolor lamps. These lights can be used in the entertainment industry and various other occasions. This lighting system has been used in smartphones, where the same lamp can change its color according to the user's actions or what happens.

With the application of RGB lighting, LED lights are changing the way lighting technology is used in many different high-tech industries. In fact, the lighting application is used not only for our smartphones, but also for different vehicles.

smd rgb led

Add color system

The color enhancement system is created by mixing various light colors. Mixing the two primary colors will cause the color to become lighter. When the three primary colors are mixed, the result will be white light. You can see the additive color system on TV and computer screens. When using a transparent magnifying glass, you will see that each pixel is composed of red, green and blue sub-pixels.

This is an LED strip with four diodes, one with red, green, blue and white. This type of LED stripe provides fine and uniform illumination in any color.

This is an LED light strip with three diodes, one diode has red, green and blue. It has a separate white diode for pure white light. Due to the large distance between two diodes of the same color, there is no guarantee that the light will be evenly distributed. With this type of RGB LED strip, it is not difficult to find the differences between different beams.

Classic RGB
This type of LED light strip has three diodes, one diode has red, green and blue. All three diodes are used simultaneously to produce white light. However, white light may contain traces of other colors. Likewise, this white light will not have the same brightness as the white light produced by true white LEDs.

smd rgb led

Thanks to RGB lighting, most perceptible colors can be created by mixing different numbers of three primary colors.

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