Market Analysis of Medium Power and High Power Smd Rgb Led

10 Jul 2019

With the launch of the smartphone, everything has changed. Suddenly, the camera became a carry-on item, not only has a good imaging effect, but also is easy to operate. Just aim and click on the screen to focus on a perfect photo. It is estimated that the number of photos taken with smartphones this year will exceed 1 trillion. Obviously, the autofocus feature makes the smartphone an easy-to-use, well-imaging camera, and what I'm going to say next will make it easier to understand the difference between the lower-power Rgb Smd Led and the high-power Led Smd Rgb.


Most people know that LED is the abbreviation of Side Emitting Mini Led Diode. LED is widely used in various places due to its small size, energy saving (in lm/W), rugged reliability and full-featured functions. In the application. The main difference between medium power and high power Side Emitting Mini Led Diode is that their names can be seen. Obviously, you need to add a "low power Cree Smd Led", the difference is complete, that is, the Cree Smd Led can be divided into low, medium and high by power.

The first thing to note is that such classifications do not have an internationally accepted written,definition, but are formed internally and evolved into industry terminology. 


Low power

Originally developed and used in consumer applications are low power smd rgb led. They are often used as indicators to indicate the status under certain conditions.


High power

High-power Smd Rgb Leds are costly and were originally used primarily in research and development applications. In the past ten years, the production technology and process have made great progress, and the semiconductor junction can apply more current, which makes the high-power Brightest Smd Led achieve explosive growth. The commercialization of Diode 10W Blue High Power Led has enabled it to successfully implement lighting applications and will continue to occupy this field, replacing traditional incandescent and halogen lamps.


Medium power

Over time, Light Emitting Diode manufacturers have discovered an untapped market: applications that require linear packaging of white LEDs. These applications require products that are not only highly efficient, but also overcome the lighting uniformity and thermal overload issues used to install the infrastructure. In order to meet these demands, Chip Blue 50 Watt High Power Led manufacturers have introduced a variety of medium power LEDs, which currently occupy a high market share in general lighting applications. Compared to high-power white Rgb Smd Leds, the diodes in these Led Lights Smds are denser and more uniform in appearance. Low power consumption makes it possible to use standard PCB materials such as FR-4 printed circuit boards (rather than more expensive heat sink alternatives such as metal core printed PCBs). Medium power Smd Rgb Leds are most commonly used in general lighting applications where size and uniformity are prioritized over raw light output power. Indoor lighting is a common application for medium power Rgb Smd Leds such as A19, ceiling lights, work lights, downlights, and low bay lights and high bay lights.


Indoor lighting is a common application for medium power Smd Rgb Leds
The characteristics of the medium power Smd Rgb Led make it often used as a flash to take digital photos, and is usually integrated into the smartphone, so it is no longer necessary to carry a bulky camera to make our life easier!

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