How to install PCB for RGB SMD LED

06 May 2020

Each electronic device consists of one or more printed circuit boards or PCBs. As technology advances and component sizes decrease, the complexity of these PCBs also increases. To make these boards smaller, surface mount devices or RGB SMD LEDs are now often used instead of larger parts. SMD LEDs are very small light emitting diodes, and assembling them on the PCB requires some practice and special tools.

Rgb smd led

Instructions for USE
Place the PCB on a flat and dry surface with the component side facing up.

Use the circuit diagram to determine where to solder the LED on the PCB. The positive and negative terminals of the LED pad should correspond to the positive and negative terminals of the LED.

Use tweezers to place the first LED between the pads on the PCB. After placing the LED between the two pads, make sure that about half of the pads are visible and have the correct polarity.

Rgb smd led

Turn on the soldering iron and set it to 450 degrees Celsius. Wait until the temperature reaches this value, and then continue to the next step.

Use the tip of the soldering iron to briefly touch the tip of the solder wire. Some solder will melt and accumulate on the tip of the soldering iron. While gently pressing the LED with the tip of tweezers, touch the interface and corresponding pad on the end of the LED terminal with the tip of the soldering iron. The flux will flow to the pad and will also cover a part of the LED terminal.

Use the same method to solder the next LED. Put the tip of the soldering iron back into the holder, and then close the soldering iron.

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