Differences in truck LED light strips

30 Jun 2020

The variety and choice of truck LED light strips on the market is huge. Some common LED light strips are those with SMD 3528, SMD 5050, and SMD 2835.

SMD 3528, SMD 5050 and SMD 2835 are so named because of the size of the LED chip. The LED chip of the 3528 is 3.5 x 2.8 mm, and the LED chip of the 5050 LED strip is 5.0 x 5.0 mm. SMD 5050 has 3 LED chips in the housing, and its light output is 3 times larger than 3528 LED strips.

truck led light strips

SMD2835 is a new type of LED chip whose light output is more than twice that of the standard SMD3528 LED chip. This makes this new generation of 2835 LED strips ideal for applications requiring high light output and high color fastness.

The 5050 LED strip is ideal for areas that may be exposed to ambient light, for example. The 3 LED chips in the 5050 LED strip can produce 3 different colors, so millions of colors may be produced.

In addition, the width of the light strip is different. The width of the 3528 LED strip is 8 mm, the width of the 5050 LED strip is 10 mm, and the width of the 2835 strip is also 10 mm.

truck led light strips

LED light bar can provide 12V and 24V voltage, but also can provide other voltages. However, the most common are 12 volts and 24 volts. The 24V LED strip has some advantages over the 12V LED strip. Because they are less sensitive to voltage drops, the length of the strip can be longer. For a power supply using 230 VAC, a separate power supply is always required to convert 230V to 12V or 24V.

Installing the LED light bar is very easy. There are many ways to connect or install it. IP20 (indoor) and IP64 (protected) LED light strips are supplied with an adhesive tape with 3M tape, you can easily install the adhesive tape, or you can install these LED light strips on aluminum LED light strips In outline.

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