Application fields of light emitting diodes

31 Mar 2020

As far as the current market is concerned, LED products are mainly concentrated in the display field, lighting field, sensing field and printing field.

Electronic instrument indicators, backlights, etc.
The main reason is that the indicators of electronic instruments have very strict standards, namely high durability. At that time, the durability of incandescent lamps was not comparable to that of LED products, so LEDs quickly replaced the role of incandescent electronic instrument indicators.

In the 1980s, LED products were high-tech products at that time, so they were very expensive. In terms of light color, there is only red and the brightness is not very bright, so many electronic instrument indicators still use small blue, green and white incandescent lamps. Since 1990, the technical level of LEDs has been greatly improved, and white light LEDs are also being mass-produced, so there are more LED products in electronic instruments.

Electronic board display
In the early 1990s, LED products were used for bulletin boards, but at that time there was only one color to choose from, namely orange, and the brightness was still very low. Therefore, at that time, LED bulletin boards could only be used indoors. With the development of science and technology, the production technology of LED has been improved. Researchers who research LED have successfully developed high-brightness light-emitting LEDs. The LED display has obvious energy-saving effects. Compared to traditional TV walls and color neon displays, LEDs not only save energy, but also quickly output text and images.

Light Emitting Diodes

Display use of public transportation signals
The biggest advantage of LED traffic lights is that the LED has high brightness and high visibility. It can be seen clearly at night, and it is convenient to see from a distance. In addition, the LED signal light can automatically adjust the brightness of the LED traffic signal itself according to the surrounding brightness. The biggest advantage of LED traffic lights is energy saving and long service life. On the other hand, for LED signal lights that need to be powered on throughout the year, LED signal lights are both energy-saving and durable. If according to the traditional incandescent lamp, if the filament inside the incandescent lamp is burned out during work, replacing the signal lamp may cause traffic congestion, so LED traffic signal products have more advantages than this.

Backlit display area
With the continuous update of Light Emitting Diodes technology, LED products also occupy a sky in the field of backlight. LED products have gradually replaced the backlight display function of fluorescent lamps. Due to the small size of the LED, it can directly emit light from the rear end of the liquid crystal of the panel, and the angle of the illumination range is large, which improves the durability and brightness of the display. Therefore, it makes sense to use LEDs as LCD backlight displays.


The Lighting Field

Indoor lighting
Generally speaking, the color of the light source used is white. Opening the chapter of history, LEDs have been improving their luminous efficiency and brightness year by year since 1996. In terms of the white light brightness on the market today, the brightness in the industry has basically reached 130 lumens per watt.
With the advancement of LED technology, the price of LEDs has also continued to decline, so LEDs have increasingly replaced traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps, forming a universal lighting product on the market. Based on this factor, the LED white light market will be a big cake.

Interior decoration lighting products
By matching the three primary colors and controlling the current, LED products can achieve many color changes. This is also the reason to increase people's understanding of LED products. In this colorful world, people choose to decorate products in a variety of ways. In the process of decoration, people tend to emphasize the beauty of color. The diversification of the color of LED light source products has promoted the development of LED lighting.

Light Emitting Diodes

Landscape lighting in the city
Landscape lighting popularly refers to decorative lighting in public places. In order to enhance the image of the city, some municipal projects and municipal units in China often invest heavily in this urban landscape lighting. In addition, the landscape lighting demonstration projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other large cities have achieved good leadership. LED landscape lighting is increasingly favored by small and medium cities in China.

Automotive lighting
As we all know, LED products have the advantages of energy saving, long use time, and fast response. LED lighting products have already made great efforts in the field of automotive lighting. At present, LED car lights are restricted by related certifications, and the LED car light market is growing slowly. However, in the later period, with the continuous improvement of LED production technology and the continuous decline in LED prices, LED products will occupy the entire automotive lighting field in the future.

Sensor Technology

Automatic door sensor
LED products not only have the color of white and visible light, but also the infrared and ultraviolet of invisible light. Infrared products can be used in the field of automatic door induction. Compared with infrared semiconductor laser sensors, LED sensing products have more advantages in the illumination range.

Barcode scanner
In ordinary bar code readers, LEDs approach and illuminate objects as a light source. The sensor in the barcode reader reads the barcode data at a resolution of 0.1mm. Compared with traditional semiconductor laser bar code scanners, LED sensing technology uses LED sensing technology at a lower cost and a closer reading distance, which will improve the efficiency of the work to a certain extent.
Printing field

With the development of the LED industry, LED technology is also continuously improved and innovated. LED instead of traditional lighting is also replacing other categories of products. For example, it replaces the laser printing technology level. The core of laser printing is a laser device made of semiconductor devices. If semiconductor laser devices are replaced by LEDs, laser printing will also be replaced.

Another disadvantage of laser printing is the high cost of making the scanner. The current laser printing is to use a scanner to scan. If the LED is used to make a printer, it is replaced by a strip-shaped high-brightness Light Emitting Diodes. Although the current situation of LED printers is still in its infancy, with the continuous maturity, breakthrough and development of LED technology, LED printers will become mainstream products in the market.

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